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Dalin Baby Oil 50ml
The clinically proven soft formula has been specially developed for your and your baby’s sensitive skin. It preserves moisture in the skin and provides a permanent moisturising effect by eliminating dryness. It also prevents rashes by thoroughly cleaning the skin of your baby. An ideal product for diaper change and baby massage.

Recommendation: Since the barrier function of the newborn’s skin is still immature, rapid loss of moisture occurs. You can provide effective miniaturisation by pouring Dalin Baby Oil in the bathtub, or into your hand and applying on your baby’s skin. We also recommend strengthening the bond between with a baby massage.

Dalin Baby Shampoo 50ml
Proven with clinical tests, the pure no more tears formula has been developed specially for your baby. From the very first day of your baby, you can use safely both in the hair and the skin, and enjoy baths with Dalin’s unique smell.

Dalin Detangling Spray 50ml
Its soft formula has been developed specially for the hard-to-comb types of hair. Allows easy combing of detangled hair, giving the hair softness and shine.

Dalin Pocket Wet Wipes
Great Dalin scent. The soft formula proven with clinical tests has been developed specially. Providing safe cleaning wherever you need and gives freshness to the skin.

This product has a non-English label.