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How it works

1. Place your baby inside iZi Transfer
2. Close the safety harness
3. Ready to go


BeSafe iZi Transfer– From car to home in one nap

A BeSafe gamechanger that lets your baby sleep undisturbed.

This BeSafe iZi Transfer unit enables you to smoothly bring your baby from stroller to car to home in one nap. It is designed to adapt to and support the natural shape of the baby and enables transferring your baby without changing their sleeping position.

All parents know the struggle: When taking your little one out of the car seat when sleeping, he or she often wakes up. The solution you all have been looking for is our new iZi Transfer.

For the Product Development Team at BeSafe, iZi Transfer has been a labour of love. They have worked effortlessly to find a solution for how to transport babies from car to home without waking them up. iZi Transfer is the answer.


Developed in close collaboration with both physiotherapists and parents, iZi Transfer mimics a natural position for your babies head, neck, back, bottom and tighs. It comes with extra padding in the head area and creates a snug fit. The result? A transfer unit with a sleeping position so safe and comfortable that your baby won’t be disturbed when moved in or out of the car seat.


We’ve also taken carrying comfort into consideration, giving the iZi Transfer soft, flexible handles.


An urban dream

The iZi Transfer is also a highly practical solution for the urban parent. With such a lightweight and efficient means of transportation, getting up the stairs to your apartment has never been easier. And when getting there, your little one is still asleep. Also: The iZi Transfer doesn’t take up any space at all when stored.

And while you probably already figured it out yourself, we still should mention that the iZi Transfer also is an excellent solution for carrycots.


Safety first

All BeSafe products are about safety, comfort and practicality. The iZi transfer is no different. It’s, of course, crash tested to make sure that it is 100 % safe to use in the car seat, and is safety evaluated by TÜV, a global leader in independent inspection services.


Quality and sustainability

The outside materials of iZi Transfer consist of 45% Lyocell. Lyocell is among others known for having enhanced breathability, exceptional strength, efficient moisture absorption and gentleness to skin. Lyocell is also a part of nature’s cycle, with compostable and biodegradable fibres.



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iZi Transfer Colour

Light Grey, Light Blue


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