Joolz Aer + Chic Renaissance (Limited Edition)

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Joolz Aer + Chic Renaissance (Limited Edition)


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The Joolz Aer+ Pushchair in Chic Renaissance makes travel as light and easy as possible, thanks to the weight of only 6kg – featuring a shoulder strap, the Joolz Aer + gives you the opportunity to be hands-free to carry your baby. When travelling you can rest assured that the pushchair will fit easily into an aeroplane’s overhead compartments making life incredibly easy.

Joolz are reviving the era of class and craftsmanship with the Joolz Aer+ in Chic Renaissance. By using the traditional Jacquard weaving technique for the beautiful black fabric, this lightweight and compact stroller also becomes a stylish accessory on wheels. Stroll to stand out and complete your outfit wherever you go.

The ergonomic thinking is what makes the Joolz Aer so unique, with its super comfortable seat that keeps your little one safe and happy when you’re out on adventures.

Joolz Aer can fold and unfold in seconds, simply push the button and it pops up then you can fold it down effortlessly with one hand and the automatic transport lock keeps it folded.


  • 1x Joolz AER pushchair
  • 1x Optional Foldable Bumper bar
  • 1x Organiser
  • 1x Rain cover

What’s new on the Joolz Aer+

Aer + stroller

  • New + improved wheel design
  • Wider basket with a capacity of up to 5kg
  • LED light compatible (available separately)
  • Further reclining lie-flat seat (15 degrees more recline)
  • Larger sun hood for greater sun protection (25 degrees more coverage)
  • Upgraded seat liner, harness + backrest so the child experiences more comfort

Aer+ cot


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