MAM Air 0+ Month Soother – Blue & Beige (2 Pack)

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MAM Air 0+ Month Soother – Blue & Beige (2 Pack)


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  • Silicone teat: Like all MAM teats, the soothers come with Skin Soft Silicone, accepted by 94 Percent* of babies for the close resemblance to a mother’s skin
  • Helpful glow: These MAM 0+ soothers glow in the dark, allowing parents to quickly check in on babies at night and easily see the soother in their mouth
  • Travel case: No need for a separate microwave steriliser, your MAM Travel Case can be sterilised in the microwave in just three minutes; making it ideal for travelling.
  • Healthy development: Give your newborn baby the best start to life by choosing an orthodontic soother that’s been developed to ensure healthy jaw development.
  • Product details: MAM Night Soothers 0+ Months (Pack of 2), Orthodontic Soother with Sterilisable Travel Case, Grey/White (Designs May Vary).


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