Top Sellers at BabyB Waterlooville

At BabyB, we take pride in offering a handpicked selection of best-selling products that prioritise quality, safety, sustainability, and style for your precious little ones. Our collection features renowned brands, ensuring that you get the very best for your baby right here in Waterlooville.

Cosatto Pushchairs: Vibrant, Versatile & Stylish

Experience the epitome of ease and functionality with our best-selling Cosatto pushchairs. These vibrant and versatile strollers are user-friendly, stunning, and provide the utmost comfort for your baby. From their eye-catching designs to innovative features, Cosatto pushchairs redefine the way you navigate parenthood.

Bugaboo Pushchairs: Sleek Design, Smooth Ride

Bugaboo prams provide the smoothest of rides with their wheels designed for all terrains. A favourite among parents who appreciate sleek design, these pushchairs seamlessly combine elegance and practicality, ensuring your baby travels in style and comfort with Bugaboo’s excellent engineering.

iCandy Pushchairs: Functional Elegance

With roots in the London fashion scene, iCandy pushchairs are all about stunning designs, sustainable practices, and being oh-so-easy to use. Crafted with precision, these pushchairs provide a smooth and enjoyable ride for your little one over any terrain, making every journey easy and fun!

Avionaut Car Seats: Safety Redefined

Ensure your baby’s safety on the road with our best-selling Avionaut car seats. Avionaut provides premium car seats for babies, toddlers, and children. Utilising the latest technology to make them as safe as ever.

 BeSafe Car Seats: Ultimate Comfort & Security

Experience the perfect harmony of comfort and security with BeSafe car seats. These best-sellers are designed to cocoon your baby, offering unparalleled safety features while ensuring a comfortable and snug journey.

Why Choose BabyB Waterlooville?

At our baby shop in Havant, we offer more than just the top brands and quality products. Our IOSH-trained staff are here to provide you with expert car seat advice, to make sure you make the best choice for your little one. We will even install your new car seat for you at no additional cost.

Explore our best sellers today, and join the countless parents who trust BabyB Waterlooville for quality, safety, and style!