Britax Dualfix 5Z Group 0+/1 Car Seat – Urban Olive Lux

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Britax Dualfix 5Z Group 0+/1 Car Seat – Urban Olive Lux


Put your child’s safety in the best hands. From initial idea to finished product, our whole development process is under one roof, so you’re investing in the highest quality and low transport emissions. With state-of-the-art testing that’s more rigorous than the legal standards.


Britax Dualfix 5Z Group 0+/1 Car Seat – Urban Olive Lux


Ready for the next step on your little one’s journey? The Britax Dualfix 5Z Group 0+/1 Car Seat – Urban Olive Lux is our perfect follow-up seat to use after the BABY-SAFE Pro or any other infant carrier. Easily clicked onto the VARIO BASE 5Z, it provides superior protection and cosy comfort for many journeys to come, until your child is four years old. Thanks to the 360¬į rotation of the VARIO BASE 5Z, the seat can be used rearward and forward facing, making it easy to get them in and out of the car, even in the tightest of parking spots.

Children grow fast – but even if they’ve outgrown their clothes, they’ll still fit their car seat. When you move on from an infant carrier, the¬†DUALFIX 5Z¬†keeps your little one protected and comfortable in the car from 3 months to 4 years. The seat has 12 recline positions and a V-shaped headrest that provides support and space as your child grows, so they can take a nap or explore the world with their eyes. Plus, it can be rotated effortlessly from any position without needing to disturb your little one.

Make safety your top priority with the¬†DUALFIX 5Z¬†car seat. Built to more demanding specifications than the current industry standard (UN R129), your child is protected on every journey, even if the unthinkable happens. The¬†DUALFIX 5Z¬†includes optimised side-impact protection system to provide superior safety in a side collision. Plus it has an innovative support leg and solid rebound bar to protect your child from any impact. You’ll have peace of mind wherever your adventures take you.

Dualfix 5Z FEATURES :

  • Suitable from 3 Months – 4 Years (61-105cm)
  • Quick Remove Washable Cover¬†–¬†Things can get pretty messy with children in the car. Whether it’s a juice spillage or a bout of travel sickness, the DUALFIX 5Z has a machine washable seat cover that can be removed easily without detaching the harness. So you can clean up quickly and get on your way.
  • Buckle Up Effortlessly – Whether your child is forward facing or rearward facing, reclined, upright, or in any setting in between, the 360¬į rotation of the VARIO BASE 5Z makes it quick and easy to get your child in and out of the DUALFIX 5Z safely. So you’re good to go in seconds!
  • Superior Side Impact Protection¬†–¬†Protect your child from a side impact thanks to the integrated SICT inside (Side Impact Cushion Technology) which absorbs the energy of a collision and keeps your little one away from the impact. Plus it provides superior safety at every angle so there’s no need to adjust it when you recline or rotate the seat.
  • Keep them Rearward Facing For Longer¬†–¬†Give your little one the best protection in the event of a frontal collision: the DUALFIX 5Z allows your child to be rearward facing for longer, as recommended by experts. Frontal collisions are the most common type of accident, so make sure you travel in the safest way. With a car seat in the rearward-facing position, impact energy is spread evenly across the head, neck and upper body, protecting your child from injury.
  • Multi-Recline Positions¬†–¬†Keep your little one happy and comfortable even on long journeys. The DUALFIX 5Z has multiple recline positions that you can adjust easily. With 6 forward-facing and 6 rearward-facing positions, select one that allows your child to relax or take in the view – so they’re content and you can enjoy a stress-free journey.
  • Deep, Secure Side Wings¬†– Cocoon your little one with the soft, padded side wings of the dualfix 5Z, helping to keep them safe and protected from impact in the event of a collision.
  • Comfortable, Protective Headrest¬†–¬†Ensure optimum protection in a side collision: the V-shaped headrest is specially designed to limit the movement of your child’s head, protecting their neck if the worst happens, whilst giving them space as they grow. It’s quick and easy to adjust the headrest and harness simultaneously, so your child’s completely comfortable, whatever their height.
  • Soft Performance Chest Pads¬†–¬†Your child’s movements are reduced in a collision thanks to the soft performance chest pads of the DUALFIX 5Z. The pads bring even more comfort to the secure 5-point harness, and for those inevitable messy moments, they can even be removed for washing without having to detach the straps.
  • Extra Safe 5 Point Harness¬†–¬†Protect your child from serious injury by choosing a car seat with a 5-point harness. In the event of a collision, the harness distributes the force of the impact across all 5 points – the shoulders, hips and between the legs – to the seat’s protective shell.
  • Smart and Adjustable Support Leg¬†–¬†The support leg provides extra stability for the infant carrier base via the vehicle floor. It minimises the tilting and rotational movement and reduces the forward movement forces exerted on your child in a crash situation, helping to protect them. For a secure installation, the support leg can be adjusted to suit the height that‚Äôs best for your car. The easy-to-read indicator shows you when the support leg is positioned firmly on your vehicle‚Äôs floor, changing from red to black when correctly installed. Additionally, the support leg will notify you with a sound if not correctly installed. (Base Sold Separately)


  • H: 48cm x L: 74cm x W: 44cm
  • Forward Facing Installation: 76cm – 105cm
  • Rearward Facing Installation: 61cm – 105cm





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