BeSafe Baby Mirror XL2 with Lights & Remote Control

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BeSafe Baby Mirror XL2 with Lights & Remote Control


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The upgraded Baby Mirror XL² enables you to keep contact with your little one when they’re in a rear facing car seat. Use in daylight or when in darkness, it features remote-controlled lights and lots of other great new functions.

  • Crash-tested at 64 km/h for the highest safety
  • The large mirror surface gives a great view of the child
  • Soft fading-in of the lights prevents waking up the child
  • Battery-saving by automatically turning off after 2 minutes
  • More convex-bent design for an even wider viewing range
  • Features LED lights that allow seeing the child even in darkness
  • Secure installation around the vehicle headrest with two installation straps
  • Can easily be rotated and tilted in any direction to individually adjust it to the car
  • One-click activation through a remote with an improved clamp that can be attached to the car’s sun visor
  • Enables keeping an eye on rear facing children in the car and interacting with each other

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