Avionaut Pixel PRO 2.0C + Dock 2 ISOFIX Base Grey

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Avionaut Pixel PRO 2.0C + Dock 2 ISOFIX Base Grey


This Avionaut Pixel PRO 2.0C + base bundle marries up the ever popular Pixel PRO 2.0C infant carrier with the new dedicated Dock 2 ISOfix base unit.


1x PIXEL PRO 2.0C Infant Carrier

1x DOCK 2 ISOfix Base



Avionaut Pixel PRO 2.0C + Dock 2 ISOFIX Base Grey


Simply the lightest infant carrier car seat in the world. However what it lacks in weight does not detract from its performance with the whole shell construction adding to the protection and energy performance needed to protect your little one. The shell is made from EPP which is a modern and ultralight material suited for this type of application.


Avionaut is the best companion for travelling with your child. Safety during each of these trips is possible thanks to thoughtful and safe car seats, such as the Avionaut Pixel PRO 2.0 C model. It is the lightest car seat on the market, weighing just 2.5 kg. Thanks to this, carrying it – even with the child inside – will not be excessively exhausting. Additionally, the car seat is compatible with the universal IQ 2.0 C base, which ensures quick and secure mounting. All of this to ensure that your journey always has a trouble-free beginning.


The Pixel PRO is distinguished by the innovative approach to the position of the child. Why?

The insert in Pixel PRO has been developed in cooperation with physiotherapists and specialists in the area of proper development of children. Thanks to the insert, a child naturally assumes the correct position in the car seat, and proper positioning improves breathing mechanics as well as minimises the risk of reflux.


The use of this innovative insert ensures 100% safety for premature and new-born babies – the modularity of the insert allows it to be fully adapted to the height and body of the child carried.


There are several possibilities of adjusting the child seat to the individual size of the child.


The steps of removing individual elements of the Pixel PRO insert

When fastening the child in the car seat, pay attention to the height of the belts. The belts should come out of the shoulder area: slightly below or at the child’s shoulder line.

If the new-born baby is between 44 and 55 cm in height, it is recommended to use all elements of the insert.

If the side fillings of the insert put a lot of pressure on the child, remove them. The elements are hidden in the insert, on both sides of it.

If your child has reached over 55 cm, it may be time to reduce the block that is under the baby’s bottom. When modifying the block, pay attention to the side markings, which will facilitate its proper placement in the car seat.

You can reduce the block by pulling the smaller one from the inside.

Direct the block with the BACK and DOWN side towards the insert.

If your child is more than 60 cm, this is probably the perfect time to pull out a smaller block or all the elements of the insert.


Different combinations can be used to adjust the insert to your child’s size. It is important to always pay attention to the belts, which should come out from the shoulder height area: slightly below the child’s shoulder line or at its height.


If your baby has already outgrown the insert, get familiar with the tips to help you answer the question: “When to replace the 0-13 kg car seat?”


Experts agree that parents should use infant seats for as long as possible, as they provide the highest comfort level and side protection for the baby. Eventually, however, there comes a moment when the child grows out of it.


So when to replace the first car seat with a larger one?

Exceeding the weight limit, i.e. 13 kg – remember that even 0.5 kg makes a huge difference in this case. In the safety tests, dummies weighing not more than 13 kg are used, so it is not known how the car seat with a child weighing

e.g. 13.5 kg and more will behave.

The height of the child above the acceptable standard, i.e. approx. 86 cm – carefully observe the position of the child in the baby carrier. If the head protrudes beyond the upper edge of the backrest, it is absolutely necessary to replace the car seat.

The harness belts are too short to comfortably fasten the baby into the seat.



Assembly method – Car seat belts or Isofix IQ 2.0 C

Removable upholstery – Yes

Newborn insert – Yes

Harness height adjustment – Yes

Modular system – Yes

Warranty – 2 years

Post-accident replacement – 2 years

European Standard – ECE-R129

Seat weight – 2,5 kg


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