Venicci Claro Vanilla Pram 2 in 1

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Venicci Claro Vanilla Pram 2 in 1


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Venicci Claro Vanilla Pram 2 in 1

Claro frame

One move — that’s all it takes to fold the Venicci Claro Vanilla Pram 2 in 1 frame effortlessly and carry it with ease, without feeling burdened by its weight. We understand that lightness is a feature sought not only by families navigating stairs daily but also by every mum who, as is often the case in the city, juggles multiple tasks simultaneously. With Claro, you can do so stress-free. You’ll fold the pram in seconds, then throw it over your shoulder with the special strap we’ve added to this model for your convenience. Although the Claro frame is lightweight, its aluminum construction boasts high durability. Yes, this is a pram that will be with your child for years.

With Claro the City belongs to you

When designing the Claro, Venicci considered not only the freedom of travel but also the behind-the-scenes of every walk: folding the pram, placing it in the car boot, carrying it, and even bringing it up steps.

With Venicci Claro Vanilla Pram 2 in 1, simplicity is key, among other things, by using lightweight EPP material for the bottom of the carrycot. Not only is it lightweight, but it also doesn’t absorb water and is resistant to sunlight and high temperatures.”


Innovation with a focus on comfort

Venicci have taken care of all the features that every parent pays attention to. The pram includes memory buttons to allow you to attach and detach the carrycot with just one hand. This is perfect for when you’re out and about in the city with your little one. Its compact size makes it an excellent companion for longer journeys, and the quick folding of the pram makes life even easier for parents.

The Venicci Claro is not only stylish, it’s comfortable and safe for your baby, and pratical for you. That’s why the fabric in Claro features a UV 50+ filter, ensuring that your little one is protected from harmful UV radiation.”


Panoramic Ventilation in the Carrycot

Allow your little one to freely admire the world during shared walks. At every stage of life, they can do so safely, in the pram—snug and happy. The carrycot will let them gaze into the distance through its panoramic ventilation, allowing for peaceful exploration of the world as they become increasingly curious about their surroundings.

The seat unit is also ventilated, primarily providing comfort during travel when the weather outside encourages long outings. Your child can breathe freely, even in high temperatures.


With Claro walking is carefree

Claro features small, agile gel wheels that guarantee high durability and good shock absorption. Attention to every detail, beautiful decorations, and a delicate pattern embossed inside the bassinet make you proud to take this pram out into the city. However, Claro is not just about aesthetic design; it’s primarily a construction that ensures safety for both you and your little one during every walk. Venicci have taken care of everything, including reflectors on the pram seat and carrycot, to guarantee peaceful outings and pleasant memories.


Pratical Accessories

Strolling is primarily about the joy of spending time together. Venicci know that things are always better together, which is why Claro also comes the essential must have accessories.

It includes a pushchair footmuff / leg cover to keep your little one warm at all times. Additionally, Venicci provide you with a changing mat, a rain cover, and a practical bag. These accessories are essential for walks —every parent knows that a changing bag should hold almost their entire world. That’s exactly the case here.



Included in this bundle




The walking adventure of your little one begins right from the carrycot. That’s why Venicci have made every effort to ensure that sleeping in it is as comfortable and safe as in their own crib. Venicci care not only about the spine of the little one but also about their comfort—regardless of the weather. The fabric used to cover the Claro carrycot is waterproof and coated with a UV 50+ filter, protecting against harmful radiation. So, you and your little one can venture out into the city in rain or shine. Thanks to the panoramic ventilation, which provides unrestricted airflow and allows your little one to admire the world in all its glory. You’ll also be pleased to know that the carrycot is a very lightweight part of the pram, all thanks to the EPP material used for its bottom. The material is also resistant to UV radiation and high temperatures. Additionally, it doesn’t absorb water, which is crucial during rainy walks.

Pushchair Seat

Venicci have taken care of your little one’s comfort without forgetting about you, of course. You can mount the seat in both directions and fold the entire stroller together with the seat, with just a few movements of one hand. You can also easily adjust the recline of the seat to provide maximum comfort for your little traveler. And what about safety? The detachable safety bar is easy to attach and detach, ensuring that walks always go smoothly. Your little treasure can use the pram for a really long time—even when they reach a weight of 22 kilograms!


Every weather is perfect to walk —even the slightly more demanding ones. However, with the right accessories, cold and chilly winds won’t bother you. That’s why Venicci have included a footmuff with the Claro stroller, which will protect your little one from the cold and even the rain. All thanks to the waterproof materials they’ve used.

Changing Bag

A stylish addition to the pram, yet an essential everyday accessory. The Claro bag surprises with its capacity and design. It features two pockets on the outside. The interior is well-organized, allowing you to arrange all the necessary items even more efficiently.


If you’re caught in the rain during a walk, you don’t have to rush back home to ensure your little one’s comfort. Just reach for the Claro rain cover, which you’ll find included with the stroller. You can cover the entire pram with it, protecting your child from rain or snow. The proper ventilation ensures unrestricted airflow in the carrycot or seat unit, and the window in the front—with a zipper—allows you to quickly access your little one. For example, to hand them a toy or snacks.


  • Suitable from birth to 22kg
  • Carrycot and seat unit sit higher on the chassis compared to most prams
  • Modern stylish design
  • Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping
  • Soft mattress
  • Built-in panoramic ventilation panel inside the carrycot
  • Ventilation in the hood
  • Carrycot is made from ultralight durable EPP material
  • Memory buttons – one handed release of carrycot from the chassis
  • Froward and rear facing seat unit
  • Seat unit has a 3 position recling backrest
  • Magnetic 5-point safety harness – You can easily fasten your baby in the seat unit, so that they’re completely safe
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Adjustable telescopic handle with an elegant finish
  • Reflectors on the carrycot and pushchair – making it safer to walk with at night
  • Extendable adjustable hood
  • Water-repellent and UV50+ fabric
  • Removable pushchair bumper bar
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Fast and easy one hand fold
  • Seat unit can be folded in rear and forward-facing position when attached to the chassis
  • Carry strap for easy transportation when folded
  • Small puncture proof agile gel wheels – suitable for city strolls
  • Rear suspension ensures a smooth ride even on challenging terrains
  • Lockable swivel front wheels
  • Cosy footmuff / leg cover included with the bundle
  • Deluxe changing bag with mat in also included
  • Raincover suitable for the carrycot and pushchair seat unit
  • Spacious shopping basket




Carrycot (on the chassis):

  • External length: 99 cm
  • External width: 58 cm (carrycot itself)
  • Height: 114 cm (carrycot on the chassis)
  • Weight with chassis: 10.7 kg
  • Weight without chassis: 3.8 kg (with cover)
  • Child weight: up to 9 kg

Pushchair seat unit (on the chassis):

  • Length: 95 cm
  • Width: 58 cm
  • Height: 110 cm
  • Weight with chassis: 10.4 kg
  • Weight without chssis: 3.5 kg
  • Child weight: up to 22 kg


  • Max. load capacity: 3 kg

Folded chassis with wheels (chassis only):

  • Length: 63 cm
  • Height: 37 cm
  • Width: 58 cm
  • Weight with wheels: 6.9 kg
  • Weight without wheels: 4.8 kg

The Trust Placed In Us By Parents Is A Special Honour For Us.

Modern and safe technical solutions, attention to detail are the hallmarks of Venicci, which has received numerous European awards and certificates.


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